1. To book a special early morning showing, school groups MUST have a minimum of 50 people attending. Smaller groups may be accepted if other groups are booked on the day of your request
  2. Special Showings are available Monday through Friday before our regular hours of operation. Showtime availability may vary. Typically, movie start times are between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM. Exceptions may apply.
  3. The Grand School Group Package includes a movie ticket, popcorn, drink and candy combo. Prices vary per location. Tickets can be sold without the combo for the children. Please specify your selection by entering or not entering a number of kid's packs.
  4. Due to film studio contracts, movie availability is subject to change without notice.
  5. In order to maintain our published daily showtimes, your movie Will begin as scheduled and your group should depart immediately after the showing.
  6. An invoice detailing the event and pricing will be sent as soon as the reservation form is received and confirmed.
  7. AmStar Cinemas MUST receive payment in full 7 days prior to the event or the event will be subject to cancellation.
  8. Any change to the event, may result in a $15 processing fee, except for an increase in the number of school packages purchased. An increase in attendance is subject to seating space availability.
  9. Cancellations must be given 48 hours in advance. If proper notice is not received then a cancellation fee of $100.00 will be charged.
  10. AmStar Cinemas accepts school or business checks or money orders for payment. Purchase orders CANNOT be accepted.
  11. If fewer people attend the movie than paid for, no refund or passes will be issued.
  12. AmStar Cinemas will allow one chaperone for every 15 students FREE for the movie only (3D surcharges do not apply). If there are additional chaperones attending, they will pay full admission.
  13. Please note that there is an additional surcharge per person for 3D movies for film processing fees. Surcharge will be listed in quote accordingly.
  14. Entire auditoriums can be rented during regular showtimes. Minimum requirements will vary by location. Reservations during regular hours of operation are subject to approval by the film department.
  15. You are not allowed to bring any outside food or drinks. All food and drinks must be purchased from the theatre.
  16. Submitting this form ensures acceptance of these terms and conditions without exception.

We post new schedules on Tuesday evenings for Friday through the following Thursday.
In some cases, advance tickets for future releases will be posted by date.

Closed Captioning and Descriptive Video devices available by request at theater box office.
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